We strive to achieve greatness. We endeavour to create the amazing pictures or incredible products, and yet we fail miserably. Our intentions are good, but the reality is not always working the way we would like it to. There are many reasons for it, but I would like to talk about the time when we tend to become victims of our mediocracy.

Without even noticing it, mediocracy is sneaking up on us. It can take a form of laziness, comfort and other things. I have already written why it is important to step out of the comfort zone (here). The topic around mediocracy is even trickier and deserves some attention because mediocracy is a blindfold over creatives eyes.

the feeling of having made it all

Our human nature intentionally tends to find the easiest and the most effortless ways to achieve anything. Unfortunately, it does not always serve us a favour. By creating something and getting comfortable doing this is maybe a good thing at the beginning. However, without reinventing yourself in the long term, comfort is the friend of mediocracy.

Another aspect that creates mediocracy is the feeling of having made it all. It means that there is no need to create on the same level. The initial aim of success was achieved, and there is time to settle down. However, it does not take long until the achieved success fades away, as something new and fresh that helped to create it in the first place will eventually become old and out of place.

This is why the quote that has been used many times: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” by Steve Jobs, is more current than ever before. In essence, it is a formula for success. Especially, in any creative business, reinventing, discovering new and staying on top of the game should always be the highest priority. Otherwise if creating work that does not resonate with these values, sooner rather than later, it will become boring and mediocre.

not everyone can live a life without a clear roadmap

Finally, the only way to avoid mediocracy is by understanding what you are and what your true passion is. Only if you are passionate, can you create something so remarkable that will last for decades.

However, going on a creative journey is a terrifying thing for a lot of people. There is no roadmap, and there is no destination. And not everyone can live a life without a clear roadmap.

But what is the alternative? Could someone do a job for years without having any drive behind it?

Probably, but how sad would your life be after so many years until someday you finally realise that you could be doing something completely different. In fact according to a study made by London School of Business (read here), almost 47% of all UK workforce would like a career change. Where nearly 30% percent of 25-34 years old regret their current career choices, and 66% of the 18-34 years old are considering a career change. The study states that the biggest factors preventing people from jumping ships are different fears, such as financial insecurities or fear of failure or lack of personal freedom.

What I’m trying to say is that by working in a place where we are not giving 100% everyday especially when it is getting hard, it is almost impossible to avoid mediocracy. When we care about our work though, it a different story. We grow as creatives and we can get through hard times.

Of course, there is no guarantee that everything will work out, and there is no clear path to success either. However, fear should never hold anyone back from taking necessary steps in the right direction. The only thing it does, it only steals our precious time.

As always, stay tuned for more.