The idea behind this picture  was quite simple. I wanted to create an image of a triathlete running from the water after completing a session. Although I could find any other place to create this picture, I have decided to go all in and create this one in Italy in Lago di Braies. Lago stays for the lake in Italian, and it is indeed a beautiful one. Surrounded by mountains, this cold lake attracts tourists from around the globe.

Dealing with the crowd was another challenge

Because the water is so cold there the best month to take pictures is around August, and this is precisely what we have done.

We planned the time, the location, the sun position, leaving nothing to chance. Since the mountains around the lake are quite tall, we expected to have the sun behind them at 4 pm. To avoid the shadow around the mountain range and the lake we had to start shooting at least 3-4 hours earlier.

Dealing with the crowd was another challenge. Especially, if you are taking pictures of a unique and famous place like this, it is always a give and take situation. To make this image possible, it was the best time of the year, on the downside though, we had to wait for a clean frame with as fewer people in it as possible. Especially, because quite a lot of tourists were renting rowing boats and at some point, the whole lake was full of them. By looking back take this shoot though, I think it was one of the smallest trade-offs.

Squatting with a piece of fabric over my head to block the sun

Because we decided to shoot around noon, there was one thing which bothers a lot of photographers. This thing is called power. By shooting in the middle of August at the brightest day possible, I had to use every ace in my photographer’s sleeve to make this shoot happening. Starting with my 1600Ws generator running at full power, using 9 stop ND-Filter and a high sync speed on my camera and flash.

should I have abandoned my idea because of it, I would never have created these images.

Additionally, Anna was holding the generator while staying in the water, helping me to create the images, while Max was doing his thing, running out of the water.  I have also used a piece of black fabric to cover up my head and the camera, otherwise it would have been impossible to see a thing.

Now, it may sound like a lot, and it sure was a lot to deal with, but it was worth it. I was admittedly not entirely comfortable with all these thoughts and worries. However, should I have abandoned my idea because of it, I would never have created these images.

This is why overcoming the feeling of comfort is so important. I have already written why mediocracy is like a blindfold on creatives eyes. Comfort is not better. It stops the creative flow because we get used to our state.

I don’t mean that living on an edge is a good thing though. What I mean is that it is important to remember that everything is temporary. One can have everything one day and lose it all another. Recognizing it helps not to get too comfy with things and creative work in particular. There is always something new to create.

This is why comfort stops us going beyond our abilities. Sometimes it is good to take risks. However, everything should be balanced out.

One of the most significant feelings I took from this shoot was the notion of creating something unique, and it would not be possible without Anna, Max and Jutta.

As always, stay tuned for more,