Vision is what I see as a bridge between what is in my mind and the reality. It’s a vague, sometimes blurry picture, which can be developed to have a definite shape and form.

Before we dive into the story behind this image, as always a big shout out to people (Tina and Dave), who have helped me to achieve this picture.

However, more often it feels to me like a dream that is hard to grasp at the beginning. It can take some time until it develops into something clear and when it does, I go out and make it real.

if it means pushing the gear to its limits to achieve my vision, I have no problem doing so.

The picture above is exactly what I mean. I have envisioned this frame for several weeks. I also have tried different things out, but as I have written in my blog post about creativity, new ideas often develop during the creative process itself.
After a long location scouting ideas started to develop and once a blurry picture I had at the beginning started getting shapes and precise forms. All of the sudden I could see the mood I would like to create, and the finest details. Previously I have found two places that would fit my idea.

The Second Location

However, I have decided against the second one with the oilseed rape field in the background because first of all, the tree itself has too many branches stiсking out and that alone would make my life very hard during postproduction. Secondly, it would not add to the vision I had about the mysteriousness of this picture. I wanted to add a certain amount of mystic flair to it. The biggest challenge now is to translate what I see in my mind into reality. Once the vision is there the next step is finding the proper location and overcoming the technical challenge.
Speaking of technical difficulty, here is a picture from one of my other shoots:

It was also a result of that same vision process. The complexity of these both pictures is about the same. The picture above required me to do some industrial climbing though, which was a bit tough (you can read more about this shoot here). This time it was not the case. The key ingredient for this particular shoot was using a smoke machine and some powerful and proper lighting.

Since we were outside without any power source, I had to use a generator, which was a pain in the ass because it was a bit underpowered. We had to wait until the smoke machine was hot enough blasting smoke only partially. Otherwise, the generator would have died. With this picture, the lighting I was creating was coming from three light sources. The sun itself from behind, the two Nikon speedlights from the right and the key light from the left, generated by the Elinchrom RX 1100Ws flash unit.

Towards the end of the shoot, I drained the whole energy out of that power pack, so powerful was the sun on that day. Additionally, the sun flair was so strong; the camera had a very hard time focusing. Especially shooting against the sun requires being quite precise concerning the focus. But heck, if it is necessary to push the gear to its limits to translate that vision into reality, I’m always going to do so.

I think that is it. As always stay tuned for more.