Over the years I have always thought that before I can create something, I have to wait for creativity to struck me first. I would wait in vain for my muse for weeks or even months to come upon me, and nothing would happen. Contrary to that assumption, what I know now is that a lot of new ideas and inspiration comes from actual work.

And here is the thing. I think nothing beats the working process and the outcome it has. Trial and error provide me with an instant answer to my initial idea, whether it was a right or bad one. Being a practitioner gives me an advantage in trying things out. Here is the quote from the movie “The Beach”: “Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It’s probably worth it”.

Sometimes Best Ideas come at Night

Getting some battle scars and knowing for sure rather than guessing. This is what beats each aspect of creating. Go out and do something. Creativity will follow.

Although I now think that creativity comes during the process, planning is still equally important. I might not always have a vision for an individual frame but I definitely will during a shoot. Planning helps a lot. I can organise chaos, which I also love because chaos breeds creativity. And there is nothing more beautiful than an organised chaos. On the surface, it seems chaotic, but in its core, everything is carefully curated and planned.

Sometimes Best Ideas come at Night. Boy, I remember so many sleepless nights, when my head was full of ideas. What I’m trying to do is to write these thoughts down immediately. Because when I wake up the next day, I will barely remember a thing. And it’s no wonder; sometimes we do need these quite places. It happens to be that throughout the noisy day the only quite place there is when we are in bed, and all the distraction is off.

Creativity Needs Constraint

Quite often the best ideas come during the shooting. I can anticipate the picture before the shooting, but there is always something special about the process.

Another quite important aspect is that creativity needs constraint. If you don’t have limits or any constraints, it is hard to create something, because these obstacles force me to think outside the box. Here is a quote I got from the book “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon: “Telling yourself you have all the time in the world, all the money in the world, all the colours in the palette, anything you want—that just kills creativity- Jack White.”

Sometimes it doesn’t work the way I have imagined it. But I won’t give up until I have found a solution even if it means to move on. Anyway, creativity is a versatile process. It is neither something that comes sometimes. It is a whole process with different approaches. Each work is a little bit different from another. Considering them all gives me a powerful tool, which helps create images with my style.

I also highly recommend the book by Julien Cameron “The Artists Way”. It is a very encouraging book which helped me to better understand the creative process.

Stay tuned,