Working with professional athletes is always a pleasure because it does not matter how often you ask them, they will consistently deliver. The job as a photographer is to make sure you can capture the emotional side and present it with your authentic voice. I try to add a minimalist approach to images I create. Especially when dealing with storytelling and composing.

Using a smoke machine

Creating images using hazer is the best way to separate the subject from the background. It helps to emphasise the emotion and the talent itself. Depending on where you shoot it is always good to make sure that you know there are no fire alarms when using a hazer indoors. Luckily, we were able to use the hazer, and it added some background separation I was looking for.

Telling a story

I often look for interesting places that are unique in a way that they can help contribute to the story. In my case with this particular photo shoot, the gym was this place. Of course, it is not Lake Prags, however, some authenticity is also not bad.

Making Sure Having Enough Time

Time is money. Literally. Especially in regards to any artist or creative there for us, there is never enough time. There are different ways how to make sure you can stay on top of your schedule. I have written in my blog post how location scouting helps tremendously saving time. At the end of the shoot, you are responsible for time estimation. This is why I try to come up with a most realistic time frame as possible. Not too short but always having a little room to breathe and being able to try different things out.

Creating The Picture

For this particular shot, I was standing on the top of a pile of workout benches as I was trying to make the dunk perspective as dynamic as possible. The setting for the shot was quite simple. Two softboxes left and right.

Regarding the shot at the beginning of this blog, it is the same set-up with one exception, I was using a hazer more extensively, and I was shooting quite low.

After Ja was going through different dribbles, I finally nailed the shot which was close to what I was imagining.

As always stay tuned for more.