"People are like bicycles. They can keep their balance, as long as they keep moving" A. Einstein. 

Being in the flow is what makes me move forward. When I am on the move, day after day, I get the most of the things I planned done. Sometimes though, there are days when I have to cut through the noise.

The biggest problem with noise is that it creates a distraction. Only several years ago social media was not even there, and we still got carried away by TV or gaming consoles to name a few; on the other hand, we had more human interaction, which is a good thing. As kids, we used to hang out outside so much more. Nowadays we have these new technologies.

But I’m not blaming social media, don’t understand me wrong. So many opportunities have evolved from there. It is just interesting to watch how social media gets so much hate sometimes. I guess my point is that we are responsible for our time and for that how we spend it. Social media is just a tool. Maybe it is a new tool, but still, it is only a tool.

The key issue for me is how to structure my day the way I can get the most out of it and use all advantages of new technologies. The best way I found is to stick to my schedule. Especially when I’m at my office, it is much easier to get distracted than in the field, when I’m shooting. Therefore I have a tight schedule that helps me to separate the time I’m working on the important things, and the time when I’m not busy.

There are different time management tactics

It is a trade-off. This is why maintaining the balance between social media consumption, and creation is so crucial. Creation should always dominate. Consumption can be toxic because it sets you back and is only good as long as it feeds creativity.

And there are a ton of different ways to stay busy. In photography, it means creating shoots/sets on my own and trying different ideas out. The benefit of such ‘testings’ is that you not only keep yourself busy but also you grow as a creative person. I cannot stress it enough how important this is to expand your vision.

To stay on track, I would also recommend using different time management tactics. For instance, if the web is distracting me, I write some web browsing needs on a sticky note and only browse for these types of activities. Another great tool or rather apps, and you can google for them, are time management apps. There are plenty on the market, varying from those that can not only track your activity on a device but even restrict or grant the internet access at a particular time.

Never stopping and moving forward is crucial for anyone who wants be on top of their game. Therefore we are like bicycles; we need to keep our balance.


As always, stay tuned for more.