There is something unique about environmental portraits. I think our surrounding is what shapes the individual. Take for example a person living in a big city and loving doing sports. There are lots of different aspects which make this particular person so unique, such as their style of running, dressing up, their competitive ‘geist’ or in general the way they prefer doing sports.

One of the reasons why I shoot sports is because I love to see an athlete in his or her environment exiting together.

The early Bird Caches the Worm? Maybe it’s a Cookie.

I have often wondered how do they create images with pigeons flying around. I think I have figured it out. And it is not about birds in the first place. It is about patience. You can find pigeons all over the place, but when you need them, they will not bother getting to you.
Not this time. There were lots of them at onу of the famous Frankfurt am Main bridges called Eisen Steg. I think these little birds know for sure which places are tourists attractions. They know they can find food there. Here was a small challenge, we needed to get these birds to stay in a single spot for a couple of minutes without flying around or getting scared by the tourists.

Luckily I had some cookies, and we could gather them together for a picture. The idea for this shot came during the shoot itself. Sometimes best ideas develop during the process (Here are my thoughts on it). It was entirely unexpected, but it has turned out in our favour.

The next set up was in a Chinese style garden. I had an image in my mind about this place for quite some time after I did some location scouting there. I find East Asian architecture very appealing especially because of ancient and modern feeling at the same time.

That’s it. As always stay tuned,