I always try to go out and shoot in the bad weather.

What I find is that the best pictures do not happen at times when the sky is blue and the sun is up. These are images you see more often than you think.
Stepping out of my comfort zone helped me to make pictures that otherwise would have never been possible. It forces me to think creatively and opens a door for new ideas.

Discovering something new, adapt to it, achieve perfection and reinvent again is the key here. It may take time and even courage to do so, however that is what makes me grow as a creative person.

The unpleasant feeling of the unknown is my best friend. This is the time when I discover something new and valuable. Just listen to it again ‘to discover’. Even without any explanation, that word alone evokes feelings of doing something entirely different. It may be an uncomfortable feeling at the beginning, but when you get over it, it creates significant and long lasting memories.

my idea was to create an image from a slightly different angle on a preferably rainy day

Change your habits. We often stick to our habits.
Breaking or creating new patterns is often very hard. Think about how hard it sometimes is to keep up with a weekly workout schedule. It takes time until you create a routine. Sometimes though, the routine is what you want to avoid. By taking pictures from challenging angles or choosing a new composition will create a different feeling and break the routine. However, learning to change takes time too.

Knowing all that and implementing it in the real world will help to create work or in my case images, which can tell a story from a different perspective.

The picture you see above was taken a couple of weeks ago on a cold and rainy day in Frankfurt in January. Who you see on it is Laura Biebach Chacon, her big passion is running. This time my idea was to create an image from a slightly different angle on a preferably rainy day. Here how I did it:

1. I wanted to try something different. That is why I thought maybe photographing from above could be a great idea, especially after I saw how these both white stripes and the reflection from the wet ground made the image visually appealing.

2. The tricky part was getting on the edge of that bridge. My concern was not to fall and hurt myself and break my gear.

The tricky part was to stay crunched to hold the balance

3. The last part was getting Laura in the frame and my lights in place.

Since I wanted to have a relatively shallow depth of field, I shot at ISO 500, 1/200 sec., f2.8.

At the end of the day, it is about your vision and the willingness to push further. You can say this especially in regards to Laura, who did a great job, despite the cold and rain.

Stay tuned for more,