Whether writing a blog post or creating an image one thing stands out the most. Without putting any effort neither can be created.

(The picture above may have a simple lighting technique, one light, camera left. It took me only couple of minutes to nail it, however before I was able to so I had to spend weeks to learn to do it fast)

There are times when it feels like the creative process would take place on its own. These moments are quite rare though, and we still have to put in the work in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Without putting in the work there is no foundation

Quite often we have to put ourselves in a creative state of mind that will help us to produce the work we are looking for. But the work has to be done. It is an act of thinking, solving problems, writing, taking pictures. Whatever the process is, commitment and effort are part of the equation. Therefore, creative thinking is not different from any other labour-intensive work. The last stresses the body the first stresses the mind. As a consequence, it can get painful. But it shouldn’t.

The best way to avoid this state is to start like with everything new by taking small baby steps.

One of the most valuable steps to be taken is getting comfortable with making mistakes. Without them, there is no place for a potential growth.

Unfortunately, we often have a different attitude, setting the bar towards expectations too high, creating so much pressure towards ourselves, that we simply give up, without even getting started. This is what causes that emotional pain the most. The notion that I can be perfect from scratch is toxic.

In order to avoid having an unpleasant experience regarding the creative process I see three points that could liberate those who are pursuing this path.

1. Learn to make mistakes. They are part of the game. The more mistakes you do the greater the chance that you’ll eventually become a true master of your craft.
2. The second one is quite simple but equally necessary. You have to put a lot of hours, honing your skills.
3. Repeat the process until you get really, really good.

Here is a quote I found on the Internet

‘The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas’, A. Einstein.

Adding my grain of salt to that quote I think that even great masters never stood still. Time is a great teacher. Everything becomes obsolete and outdated with time. Thus, you have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay current and pitfalls and fails force you to think outside the box.

The process may seem painful, however, if making mistakes makes you grow, I don’t see why one should not celebrate mistakes as opportunities. Of course, I’m not talking about mistakes as something one should do on purpose. That’s nonsense. I’m only saying that they are a crucial part of the game and should be treated accordingly.

Just adding my to cents to this complex but interesting topic. As always stay tuned for more.