Vision is what I see as a bridge between what is in my mind and the reality. It’s a vague, sometimes blurry picture, which can be developed to have a definite shape and form.

Before we dive into the story behind this image, as always a big shout out to people, who have helped me achieve this picture. (Tina+Dave)

However, more often it feels to me like a dream that is hard to grasp at the beginning. It can take some time until it develops into something clear and when it does, I go out and make it real.

 if it means pushing the gear to its limits to achieve my vision, I'm always happy to do so.

The picture above is exactly what I mean. I have envisioned this frame for several weeks. I also have tried different things out, but as I have written in the blog post about creativity(link), new ideas come during the creative process itself. This time it was no exception as well. After a long location scouting ideas started to develop and once a blurry picture I had at the beginning started getting shapes and precise forms. All of the sudden I could see the mood I would like to create, and the finest details.

My idea was to create an as simple looking image as possible, which still could contain a feeling of a big city. Despite being almost scared to death as two huge Dobermans jumped out of the corner at one point, the location was perfect.

Since the weather was changing so fast, I have decided to save the best location for later. The next shot I took while the sky was covered with clouds almost completely, which gave this look:

Depending on the surroundings I try to envision the style of the picture before I take it. It can vary, and the weather plays an important part in this process.

The weather in spring can be quite tricky.  At some point, we had to hold our  50 x 50” softbox so tight because of the wind, that I had a feeling being on a yacht during a storm.

After some time the sky has cleared, so we rushed to the bridge to capture the evening skyline of Frankfurt.

This magic light lasted for almost half an hour. The pressure was not that high in comparison to the shoot in Austria, where I had less than fifteen minutes until the sun went down.

As always, stay tuned for more.