Ready, Steady, Go!

Finally, I got a chance to photograph at a stadium. I was looking forward to making pictures there for quite some time. Thinking about what type of sports will fit my vision I wanted to create an image of a sprinter pushing out from a starting block.

Three Man in a Boat and a Rower

Rowing is an intense and very dynamic sport. The good thing about it is that you can do it almost everywhere.


Vision is what I see as a bridge between what is in my mind and the reality. It’s a vague, sometimes blurry picture, however

A Cool Windy Day

There is something about the challenge which gets me so excited. I think It is the unknown, which creates the feeling of the accomplishment afterwards.

It Was Entirely Unexpected

There is something unique about environmental portraits. I think our surrounding is what shapes the individual.

Not a Comprehensive Guide to Sunset Photography

If you are aiming to photograph the sunset, prepare yourself to run a mountain trail with a bag full of equipment.