Shooting Basketball…

Working with professional athletes is always a pleasure because it does not matter how often you ask them, they will consistently deliver. The job as a photographer is to make sure you can capture the emotional side and with your authentic voice.

Creativity is Not Always Painful

Whether writing a blog post or creating an image one thing stands out the most. Without putting any effort neither can be created. But how to avoid the pain regarding the creative process itself?

Why Comfort is Not an Option

One can have everything one day and lose it all another. Recognizing it helps not to get too comfy with things and creative work in particular. There is always something new to create.

Why Mediocracy is Bad

We strive to achieve greatness. We endeavour to create the amazing pictures or incredible products, and yet we fail miserably. Our intentions are good, but the reality is not always working the way we would like it to.

Pictures Worth Taking

There are without any doubt pictures worth taking. This can be someone you love and care very deeply about. It can be a remarkable place or landscape you want to capture for generations to see, or it can be an arduous hike in the middle of the Italien Alps. Everything that matters is a subjective importance of a single image

People are like bicycles. They can keep their balance, as long as they keep moving


Keep Your Balance – And Never Stop

Being in the flow is what makes me move forward. When I am on the move, day after day, I get the most of the things I planned done. Sometimes though, there are days when I have to cut through the noise.