Pictures Worth Taking

There are without any doubt pictures worth taking. This can be someone you love and care very deeply about. It can be a remarkable place or landscape you want to capture for generations to see, or it can be an arduous hike in the middle of the Italien Alps. Everything that matters is a subjective importance of a single image

Three Man in a Boat and a Rower

Rowing is an intense and very dynamic sport. The good thing about it is that you can do it almost everywhere.

Battle of the Ropes

When I was 7, I had a chance to get on the roof of a 12 stories building. I will never forget that.

I Prefer the Bad Weather

One of the great advantages of going out and work under tuff conditions is that it pushes you further regarding creativity

Not a Comprehensive Guide to Sunset Photography

If you are aiming to photograph the sunset, prepare yourself to run a mountain trail with a bag full of equipment.

Sometimes You Get Ill

It is not always easy to photograph when you get ill. This time was no exception.